Middle East Representative Agreements:

Companies around the world trust Dinar Trading to effectively sell and market their products in the exciting Middle East.  With a dedicated network of affluent business and social leaders, Dinar Trading ensures the right people see your product at exactly the right time.  Whether you’re restoring an oil refinery, marketing precious materials, or simply carving out a footprint for your already successful consumer product, we have the knowledge and experience to guarantee your success in this growing market.

Business & Management Consulting :

Operating a company in the Middle East presents unique challenges and immense opportunities.  With highly influential resources throughout the region, Dinar Trading offers a unique and valuable insight into the concerns facing your company.  We have expertly guided enterprises of every size through the potential pit-falls to a safe and successful operating status for almost a decade; contact Dinar Trading today to see how we can help your business.

Market & Political Analysis:

The United States Government, local political figures, and international businesses alike trust the experience and insight of Dinar Trading.  From overseeing the safe movement of billions of dollars in currency to introducing foreign leaders to the intricacies of Middle Eastern business, Dinar Trading can successfully navigate your enterprise or product through dynamic and complex Middle Eastern markets.