Slag, Grit Material, Limestone, & Marble:

Dinar Trading is the exclusive Gulf States Representative (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, & the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) for a leading producer of slag, grit material, limestone, and marble.  With literally thousands of modern uses ranging from cement additives to industrial chemicals, these valuable mined goods serve as the building blocks for both industrialized and developing nations.  Dinar Trading only offers environmentally conscious, low-toxicity materials. See why our product is truly superior - MORE

Critical Foodstuffs:

Wheat, sugar, and natural perishables; the products required to sustain a nation and help its population grow.  Through exclusive relationships around the world, Dinar Trading is able to supply a variety of critical foodstuffs.  From the finest Brazilian White Cane Sugar to organic Mediterranean juices, Dinar Trading has unequaled access to the world’s largest producers of food and food additives. Contact us today for a more complete capability statement. - MORE

Oil, Gas, & Oil Byproducts:

Known for its abundance and quality, the Middle East possesses one of the richest natural oil reserves on the planet.  Combining access to this incredible store of resources, Dinar Trading has forged relationships with oil, gas, and oil byproduct producers in Russia and South America.  With uncommon access to a full portfolio of refined fuel products, crude oil, petroleum based lubricants, and oil producing equipment, Dinar Trading is your only choice for easy and successful entry in one of the world’s most lucrative markets.